I am a social worker with many interests, including

—road cycling,
—a wide range of musical preferences,

—playing guitar,

—promoting health & wellness not only for myself but through planning and building communities that encourage better health through improved design and offering a wide range of outdoor activities,

—progressive political beliefs such as having politicians who truly look to promote the well-being of the people instead of their bank accounts,

—placing a great value on our outdoors and natural resources with an imperative toward guarding and developing such treasures,

—taking Climate Change with utmost seriousness and taking action to minimize the myriad of problems which are already resulting, and

—doing all that we can to stop current / future¬† military conflicts and to deconstruct the Military-Industrial Complex, shifting our resources toward developing a Green Revolution consisting of a massive influx of Green Jobs in which alternative, sustainable and renewable energy sources and products that can transform America into one of the world’s leading powers to bring our globe into a future that is truly bright with promise!